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We founded Jail Call Services because we'd sought a better solution to the outrageous "per-minute" fees being charged to us by jails and their phone service providers such as Global Tel Link, Securus, PayTel, IC Solutions among others.

We rejected the notion that we, the family and friends of inmates, should be forced to pay such outrageous rates to speak to our loved ones in jail. The mandatory jail call providers, which hold legalized monopolies on calls originating from the prisons, were charging us extremely high rates, thereby penalizing US, the family and friends of the inmate rather than the inmates themselves. 

Jail Call Services was the answer.

Because we have been in your place, we understand better than most, the burden and stress of having a loved one incarcerated and we are committed to helping you.

Our Mission

"To make the costs of phone calls for inmates, their families and friends as affordable as possible, while providing customer service which far exceeds industry standards and customer expectations."

Jail Call Services is the industry leader in providing low-cost inmate calls to family and friends. Sign Up Now and see why.


Jail Call Services is a registered FCC Inmate Call Provider. (FCC Reg Number: 0023329063)
Jail Call Services, LLC is a registered FCC company (FRN 0023329063).
Jail Call Services, LLC is a registered FCC company (FRN 0023329063).
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