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Jail Call Servicess

Attn: Evercom Clients:
  •  Are you currently paying between $5-$25 per inmate call to Evercom , Evercom Systems, Evercom Inmate Calls, because they are billed as "long distance" with expensive "per minute" charges?
  • Have you recently had a loved one incarcerated in or transferred to a City or County facility where inmate calls are handled by Evercom and are "long distance" to you?
      • If you face EITHER problem, our service will help you.


      Why Jail Call Services?

      • FACT 1: The ONLY way to save money with Evercom inmate calls is to have a phone number that is "local" to your inmate's jail. 
      • WHY?  Without a LOCAL number your cost for jail calls with Evercom will include their very expensive long distance "per minute" fees, which will cost you as much as$25 per call. 
      •  FACT 2: Our local numbers save you up to  80%, because by being LOCAL to the jail, they enable you to avoid the costly "long distance" "per minute" fees.    
             It really is this simple:
        A JCS Local Number is the  only way to ensure you get the lowest possible cost on your Evercom inmate calls.             


      To You:


      • "Unlimited" Use Our JCS Local Number. 
      • 1 Hour / Same-Day Service Available.
      •  No Long Distance "Per Minute" Fees.
      • No Changes To Your Existing Number Or Phone
      • Works With Cell Phone or Home Phone. (Or both)
      • Stop Paying Long-Distance Fees. (LOCAL #'s save 80%)
          • Lowest Cost Inmate Call Provider-GUARANTEED.
          • Pay EVERCOM LESS. Talk To Your Inmate MORE.
              Unlimited Minutes
            3  MOS     SAVE 55%
           Unlimited Minutes             
            6 mos  SAVE  65%
            Unlimited  Mins

          1-hR ACTIVATION
          SIGN UP TODAY!

          EXAMPLE OF OUR CUSTOMERS' SAVINGS (15 Minute Call) 

          WITHOUT Jail Call Services:
          $4.50 Connection Fee + $1.25 "Per Minute" Long Distance Charges.

          $23.25    Total Cost
          WITH Jail Call Services:
          $4.50 Connection Fee $0 "Per Minute" Long Distance Charges.

          $4.50    Total Cost
             Your Savings:            $18.75 or 81% 
                    Per Call!

          Jail Call Services is a registered FCC Inmate Call Provider. (FCC Reg Number: 0023329063)
          Jail Call Services, LLC is a registered FCC company (FRN 0023329063).
          Jail Call Services, LLC is a registered FCC company (FRN 0023329063).
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