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Most County and State Jails and Prisons (NOT Federal) require a MANDATORY pre-paid phone provider (PPP) which requires families and friends of prisons who wish to receive prison calls, to set up a pre-paid or "advance pay" account.

  • We do not control this or have any affiliation with the pre-paid phone providers.
  • We simply maximize your savings with these mandatory providers by making your prison's calls LOCAL.
  • While there is NO WAY TO AVOID USING THEM ALTOGETHER, we help minimize the amount you pay to them by using the "JAIL CALL SERVICES LOCAL NUMBER".
      By making your jail calls LOCAL, we save you an average of 50-80% compared to normal "long-distance" calls.

        Important QUESTION

        Are you PRESENTLY receiving calls from your prison AND do you ALREADY have an account the the jail's mandatory pre-paid call provider?

        If the answer is NO

        You must ask either the prison or the facility itself which call provider they use for their prison calls. Then follow the steps below.

        If the answer is YES

        1. Simply contact your current pre-paid provider We can dial the provider for you, or you MUST call them from a number other than the one they already have on file. Otherwise, they may block you.

        2. Set up a NEW ACCOUNT as your HOME PHONE using the number we will provide for you.

        • It's best not to mention that you have acquired the number from us. HINT: Because we are saving you money, we are costing them money... and they do not welcome that.
        • If asked for a billing statement, let us know and we will send it to your email account.

        3. If you have remaining credit on your previous account, you may either:

        • Use the previous account until the pre-paid credit is depleted or call them back after setting up your new account and ask them to refund your remaining balance.
        Jail Call Services is a registered FCC Inmate Call Provider. (FCC Reg Number: 0023329063)
        Jail Call Services, LLC is a registered FCC company (FRN 0023329063).
        Jail Call Services, LLC is a registered FCC company (FRN 0023329063).
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