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Jail Call Services Family Plan

Due to high demand, we now offer an "entire-family" plan:

Program Guidelines:

Family Memberships must consist of at least 2 family members/friends. 

All family plans are priced as usual with the following exceptions/benefits: 
  • If all members pay at same time, we will waive the $14.95 set-up fee for all members.
  • All accounts may be paid by one family member or each family member may pay individually.
  • Pricing: Same as individual plans, except subtract the $14.95 Set Up Fee for each member and every 4th family member receives FREE membership.  
  • If your inmate is transferred to a new location, we will provide a new local number for all family members at no additional cost to you.

If you would like to apply for a family membership, please discuss with all interested members BEFORE applying.

When ready to enroll, please let us know by replying to the following email address:


**IMPORTANT: Include the words "Family Membership" in the Subject and provide us the following information:
  • Your contact phone number
  • Number of family members you wish to include.
  • Method Of Payment (Paid by 1 debit/credit card OR each paid individually).
  • Include whether you are currently "long-distance" from your inmate's facility or if you're number is already "local". 
  • NOTE: Typically, if you live further than 15 miles from your inmate's facility, you are considered "long-distance" for purposes of inmate jail call billing.
  •  If you are already LOCAL, our service will NOT save you money. Please do not apply if you are already local.  Refunds will not be issued in this instance.
A representative will contact you to assist to in setting up your account.

Jail Call Services is a registered FCC Inmate Call Provider. (FCC Reg Number: 0023329063)
Jail Call Services, LLC is a registered FCC company (FRN 0023329063).
Jail Call Services, LLC is a registered FCC company (FRN 0023329063).
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